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7 Signs You Are A Spiritual Entrpreneur

Over the years, it has become evident to me that many individuals are spiritual entrepreneurs without even realizing it. Some may  be unclear if they have the right to use such title. So, in this article, I’d want to debunk the myths surrounding spiritual entrepreneurship and empower you to firmly claim your dreams!

There Are Many Kinds Of Spiritual Entrepreneurs

We usually conceive of entrepreneurs in one of two ways: as owners of real enterprises or as CEOs of fledgling companies. But there are a plethora of different methods to start a business!

You are an entrepreneur if you are or wish to be in business for yourself in any form. It might be your full-time employment or a part-time gig. Perhaps you work as an independent contractor as a writer, artist, web designer, or in any other industry.

Perhaps you work as a life coach, yoga instructor, therapist, or healer. When people hear the word “spiritual entrepreneur,” they frequently think of this, but you don’t have to conduct traditional spiritual labor to be a spiritual entrepreneur!

Finally, it’s possible that all you have right now is a vision and a desire. That’s also fantastic. Let us honor it wherever we are right now.

If you’ve been hesitant to declare yourself an entrepreneur or if the concept of becoming an entrepreneur scares you, I completely understand. However, in order to create the profession of your dreams, I encourage you to begin perceiving yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Take a look at my seven indicators that you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. Do any of these ideas strike a chord with you? 

7 Signs You’re A Spiritual Entrepreneur

1. Personal transformation or inspiration is a driving force behind your desire 

Your personal transformation or inspiration may be a major life change like addiction or grief, or it might be something more subtle. Maybe you became a dietitian after changing your diet transformed your health. Or maybe you realized that your candle-making hobby was a huge source of joy in your life and now you want to share your art with other people.

2. Service is the intent of your work

Do you want to use your job to benefit others? We are spiritual entrepreneurs because we want to help and empower others. Your service energy is tremendously supported by the Universe, which is always opening doors to that goal.

There are several ways in which we may assist others. Remember that the first service you provide is your energy. When we prioritize our happiness, amazing ideas will emerge, support will surround us, and movements will emerge. Truly happy people are also genuinely helpful.

One thing I want to be clear about is that you can provide excellent service while also running a successful business. Charging for your excellent job allows you to serve to your full potential!

3. You would do the work even if monetary compensation wasn’t offered

If you’re so passionate about your business that you’ll do it no matter what, you’re a spiritual entrepreneur! If you haven’t yet started a business but want to, start by focusing on what truly motivates and energizes you.

  • What activities bring you joy?
  • What do you like to get nerdy about?
  • When are you really in the zone?

Joy is the ultimate creator, therefore do what brings you joy and fulfillment, and the Universe will gladly assist you.

4. You hear something calling you to do this work

You have a strong sensation that this is what you must do. “I do not fear men-at-arms; my road has been made plain before me,” Joan of Arc said at one point. When we hear a call, we know that no challenge is too great, and we can trust that we will be directed and supported.

We don’t always understand the spiritual advice we get. It might be very different from what you’re doing now. It might imply spending money on education or training. It could completely surprise you, or it could rekindle an old passion! Because it appears to be so large, it may even startle you.

Listen to the direction you get if you sense an inner calling. You might choose to connect with your spirit guide and get more assistance on this subject. This can be accomplished via free-writing after meditating.

Give it a try!

5. You choose to trust in limitless abundance that is always available to you

You may not yet fully embrace this confidence in an endless supply of abundance. However, as a spiritual entrepreneur, you’re learning to put greater faith in it daily.

You’re willing to be honest about what’s preventing you from experiencing abundance, and you’re taking spiritual actions to increase your confidence in it. You believe that the Universe is on your side!


There’s a simple phrase you may repeat whenever your mind wanders back to previous fear-based stories. “I am open to creative ideas,” it’s as easy as that.

You’re uttering a prayer when you repeat this mantra. You’re entrusting your worries and outdated beliefs to the Universe, and instead asking to view through loving eyes. When you make this your mantra, you’ll start to discover income chances that you would have otherwise overlooked. Even if you couldn’t anticipate or predict it, you’ll attract exactly what you need.

We begin to open our consciousness to see the abundance that is always around us  we begin to open up to the creative power we have inside us. You’ll begin to notice beauty in unexpected places! Develop an awareness of the wealth that surrounds you and allow yourself to feel grateful for it. This will increase your life’s abundance.

6. The sound of passion drowns out the sound of fear

It’s not that you don’t face fear as a spiritual person or a spiritual entrepreneur. In reality, because starting and operating a business entails a great deal of responsibility, the voice of dread may be extremely loud at times.

It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams! The ego’s fearful voice does not appreciate bravery. Your ego is trying to “protect” you by persuading you to play small and be safe at all costs. As a result, you should anticipate it to speak out frequently.

Fear may create noise all the time, but you know it’s not genuine. Your spiritual guide’s passionate, intelligent, and loving voice is what guides you. Yes, fear may throw you off balance at times. It might happen in subtle ways every day. However, as soon as you realize you’ve veered off into anxiety, you take action.

7. You’re willing to challenge the norm and think outside the box

Check in with yourself and ask yourself, “Am I being genuine?” Am I being brave and speaking my mind? Or am I holding back so as not to offend anybody or to avoid feeling judged by others?

It’s critical for you to connect with your real self as a spiritual entrepreneur. Because your truth is what resonates with others, say what is authentic and significant for you. Connections and movements are created by having the guts to be real and vulnerable. That’s how you’ll find folks who are interested in what you have to offer!

Inspire others by doing what inspires you!

Connecting your spiritual self to your business will add exponential value in the long run. Don’t hesitate to accept abundance and prosperity into your life today. 
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