Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

There are a number of reasons to start a YouTube channel and build a strong online presence for your business or brand. Whether it’s to build another income stream or connect with a larger group of people, there is no right or wrong reason to get a channel started.

Let’s dive in!

Reasons to Start Making YouTube Videos

Have you thought of launching a YouTube channel? YouTube stars have a huge influence on generation Z’s purchasing habits and job goals; millennials check YouTube at least once a day on average, and even gen X and baby boomers are getting in on the act, viewing videos on the site at least periodically.

While this is interesting, what really compels someone to start a YouTube channel? In this article I’ll break down some solid reasoning behind taking the plunge into video content creation. 

1.New forms of content. 

 In 2021, video accounts for 82 percent of all internet traffic. If you think it’s ridiculous, remember that it accounted for 73% of all traffic in 2016. If you’re interested in content marketing, you’ll need to think about more than simply text-based content. Starting a YouTube channel provides you with a strong platform for producing and distributing video content, which will only grow more significant in the future.

2.Provide more content to the audience

One compelling argument to include video and a YouTube account on your website is to provide your viewers with additional material. People stay longer and return more often when they find a lot of valuable material that solves their concerns. I find that being able to include a YouTube video inside blog posts adds more value and creates deeper connection. 

3.Additional Traffic Source

Adding more material has the added benefit of increasing traffic. Increasing the number of places in which people can find you is always a good thing.   Another wonderful side effect is that it helps your brand expand. Having videos somewhere else puts your brand out there in another location, which begins to increase your degree of exposure and visibiltiy.

4.Improved Relationships and Connections

Video fosters a sense of familiarity, which aids in the formation of a community. You may establish a far more personal connection with individuals by allowing them to get to know you and observe how you act/react in different scenarios.   People I trust and like learning from often use video, and I enjoy learning and interacting in this way. 

5.An Additional Revenue Source

Incorporating YouTube videos into your marketing strategy might also provide another cash stream for your business or brand. Whether via YouTube advertisements or a video course on your website, a channel generates new material that provides you with an additional money stream, which is always beneficial.

6.Massive Audience

Once you start a YouTube channel you will be interacting with a massively large number of people. Around the globe, there are more than 1.57 billion monthly active YouTube users, with 30 million daily active viewers. While you can’t be sure that your first video will reach 1.57 billion people to even get a fraction of YouTube’s user population may open you up to a lot of exposure. When combined with your other social networks, YouTube has the potential to greatly increase your visibility.

7. Dominance over several social media channels. 

If you routinely communicate with your social media followers, they will most likely start following you on your other channels and platforms. Similarly, if you already have social followers on sites like Facebook or Twitter (or email subscribers), encouraging them to subscribe to your YouTube channel won’t be difficult. The synergy between a website, social media, and a YouTube account is quite amazing. 

8. Direct revenue

With consistency and popularity on YouTube comes the possibility of revenue and a hefty income directly from the platform. If a channel has ads enabled it can make a few dollars for every thousand views which may sound minor but with strong viewership and compound interest, this definitely adds up.

Where To Start When Building a YouTube Following

So you have identified that you want to start a channel, where do you begin?

  • Declare a niche. Figure out a topic that you feel you have expertise in and build content around it. Check the competition and find a way to make yourself stand out. I would say to try a few things in the beginning to see what feels right.
  • Define a target audience. Who are you speaking to directly? What message are you carrying to this specific set of people?
  • Start the channel with a few pieces of content. The process of setting the channel up is fairly simple and shouldn’t take much time. Once the channel is created try loaded more than one video up to see how a few pieces of content fair.
  • Make a schedule. A good rule of thumb in the beginning is to upload once a week, but honestly the market is becoming competitive enough that multiple uploads a week may be a reality for a new channel to compete.
  • Optimize your videos. Take time to adjust titles, tags, descriptions, etc. in an effort to find favor with the search engine because YouTube is a search engine and owned by Google after all.

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