A Few Easy Ways to Monetize A Blog

The process for starting a blog can seem dauting considering the massive amounts of information available. Once you figure out what you want to write about then what do you do to get steady traffic and that’s without factoring in the monetization strategies to make all this work profitable for you.

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Blogging is one of the more universally appealing digital assets to add to any business or brand but does take some time. While I can’t tell you what to write about or give a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, I can talk a bit more about the different ways to monetize a blog.

5 Unbreakable Blogging Laws

Before you dive into monetization strategies , take a moment to keep these rules in mind. If you follow these rules, you will eventually succeed. Ignore them, and it will be virtually hard to create any significant quantity of visitors and eventually monetize your site.

While the number of articles can play a role in rankings, it isn’t everything.  Your articles must be of high quality. It must be comprehensive, well-written, and reference its sources. If research is cited, it must be linked to. If you’re serious about monetizing your site, don’t scrimp on quality.

Your blog must provide value. What are you capable of teaching others? What are your areas of expertise? Take the time to add value.

Create detailed instructional and educational blogs that use video and other material to actually assist people in understanding or figuring out anything. In every business, but particularly in blogging, value precedes money.

Take time to think deeply about areas of your life where you can truly help people exist in a more pleasurable and happy way on this Earth.

 I like to think of this as ” What am I bringing to the tribe (humanity)? ” While many things can be entertaining, money is spent where there is real value and assistance more times than not. 

Blogs need focus. You must have a certain industry, specialty, or subject that you write about on a regular basis. Try not to stray too far off the path. You’ll discover that going off on tangents causes you to lose your primary audience.

People want to visit a blog – and return to it – because it meets a need or fills a gap. That is accomplished by you being focused and on-topic. Take this with a grain of salt and don’t be afraid to try different things in the beginning. 

How interesting is your content? Do visitors spend a lot of time on your site reading articles, viewing videos, or chatting on a forum, for example?

The more people interact with your material, the more probable it is that they will support you in the long run. There is virtually little likelihood of monetization without participation.

Try building spaces via social media where people can connect with you personally outside of the blog to increase trust and engagement. 

How much influence do you wield? What is your level of recognition in your field?

The more authority you have, the more probable it is that you will be able to immediately monetize your site. For example, if you have a significant social media following and decide to start a blog, you may instantly generate visitors.

If you’re an expert in another field or a best-selling novelist, for example, you already have authority; all you have to do now is capitalize on it. 

For those starting from scratch, providing excessive value and being transparent about your journey will help people resonate with you and ultimately lead to having some authority over time.  

Different Ways To Monetize A Blog

While there are arguably dozens of different ways to monetize a blog, there are a few core methods I will discuss here.

1.Affiliate marketing

One of the most common ways to monetize a blog is via affiliate marketing. This is particularly handy if you’re just getting started and don’t have your own items or services to market. All you have to do is create content that will eventually be in sync with any affiliate offers you want to distribute.

If you have a fitness blog, for example, you may simply offer affiliate health, weight reduction, or body building products. Because the material is already attracting fitness enthusiasts, selling these sorts of items allows you to build an almost automatic source of passive revenue.

We all have seen the YouTube videos promoting Click Bank Affiliate Marketing as the next way to get rich. Yes Click Bank is profitable but it’s not the only option for affiliate revenue.

There are other platforms offer multiple offers and as you check around the web you’ll find many of your favorite brands have affiliate programs for you to try.


The most obvious and passive way to earn money from a blog would be to run PPC (pay-per-click) ads by signing up with an advertising company once you get your blog going.

While most people believe that putting some pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on their new blog would be a terrific way to earn a lot of money, unless you have tremendous quantities of traffic, the revenue will be negligible at most. The big money starts here when you get 100,000 visits per day. Once you write good articles, establish authority, and build up your traffic try spaces likes:

different ways to monetize a blog media vine
Platforms like MediaVine offer advertising to sites hosting at least 50k sessions a month.

3. Sell Ad Space Directly

By using display advertisements instead of PPC ads, you may simply negotiate terms directly with advertisers. As long as the advertisements are relevant to your specialized specialty or business, you may certainly negotiate a rate that is much more competitive than normal PPC earnings.

While utilizing advertisement options like Adsense or Mediavine can be appealing they do put limitations on your earning potential.

You can sell the display ad space directly to brands and negotiate the price to fit your specification.

This technique was introduced to me awhile back and completely changed how I looked at the profitability of blogs. Similar to brand deals for influencers, your blog and the traffic it generates has influence over buying decisions. Sometimes the one size fits all approach undervalues your work.

Try platforms like BuySellAds or develop a reach strategy of your own.

Each blog post can operate as its own “mini” business in a very specific niche/topic that draws traffic and brings revenue in multiple ways.

4. Accept Sponsored Blog Posts

Get paid for writing blog posts. In the same way companies can sponsor entire YouTube videos they can also sponsor entire blog posts.

A sponsored blog post is a popular blog monetization strategy. Pretty much, a company pays you to create content about its products on your blog. Some companies may write the content and simply ask you to publish it to your audience.

Try sites like :

5. Sell eBooks

Ebooks are a reasonably easy option to monetize your site. Create an eBook that corresponds to the content of your blog. Non-fiction eBooks are quite easy to make, and if you’re teaching a skill that many people struggle with, the ebook is likely to generate a substantial profit.

You may simply market your eBook via your blog by generating appealing material that will entice people to read your eBook. You might also create a sales funnel, which is a word used in internet marketing to describe an automated multi-step sales machine and sell your eBook on autopilot.

You can opt to keep the e-commerce functionality out of your site and go with a third party platform like Amazon KDP, Etsy, or GumRoad to sell your eBooks. This is a viable option and can allow you to promote the books in the same way you would an affiliate offer.

6. Sell online courses

Another approach to make money from blogging is to sell digital online courses. Create straightforward and useful courses that bring enormous value, and the rest will be easy. By pouring your heart and soul into these courses, you can simply let them sell on autopilot for you, which is another wonderful way to generate passive revenue.

Courses are excellent for learning technical skills such as web development, digital marketing, graphic design, and so on. They do, however, work in forms such as finance, stocks, currency investment, and accountancy. Find out what you’re truly good at and conduct your research before creating your course. Then create something considerably superior to the other courses on the market.

7. Sell digital products

Creating digital content is an excellent method to monetize your site. As long as it complements your content, you may successfully sell any sort of digital information product on your blog. You may create a webinar to sell your product and send it through a member’s area or other platforms.

Digital products might include movies, downloadable manuals, resources, PDFs, software components, SaaS, and other formats. Make an effort to develop something that fills a need or a hole. Don’t doubt yourself, since you’d be shocked how much money you can earn by selling digital things on your site.

Is it possible to earn money blogging?

If your blog has more than 10,000 monthly unique visits, you can monetize it and get a decent income stream flowing.

Finding different ways to monetize a blog with less than 1,000 readers per month is the tough part.

Your mindset will determine the level of success you have in all things. Trust the Universe and trust your abilities. Whatever you believe to be true is possible including getting crazy rich from a blog.

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