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Vaulted: Gold Investment Mobile App (Review)

You’ll notice a few tendencies if you spend enough time reading investing and financial planning websites and forums. Almost all investors encourage keeping your investment fees as low as possible. They will normally recommend you to concentrate on diversity (that is, holding large, small, dividend-paying companies, companies primed for economic development, companies in the United States, and companies in other nations) and asset allocation (owning the right percentage of each type of asset such as stocks and bonds).

What to do about “alternatives” is far from settled. There are several official definitions of “alternative” investing, but I’ll provide an informal one. It is an option if you are purchasing an investment that is not a stock, bond, or cash. This includes real estate, natural resources, cryptocurrencies, and the focus of today’s discussion, gold.

When investing in gold, it’s critical to understand precisely what you’re purchasing, where the gold is housed, how you may access it, and how much storage costs. All of this is simple to grasp with the Vaulted app.

What Can You Buy With the Vaulted App

There are two basic approaches to precious metals investment.

Some investors are especially interested in rare coins having “numismatic” value. Investing in numismatics is similar to investing in fine art. A component of the investment’s worth is derived from the underlying value of the gold or silver in the coin, but a larger amount is derived through subjective appraisals among dealers. The Vaulted app avoids numismatic investing.

You may get Royal Canadian Mint 99.99 percent pure gold kilo bars from Vaulted. This is pure gold that you may have delivered to your home at any moment. A complete kilo bar of gold now costs somewhat less than $49,000.

Where Is the Physical Gold Located?

When you purchase gold via Vaulted, you have the option of paying a 0.4 percent yearly maintenance charge and have the gold kept at the Royal Canadian Mint. The gold may also be mailed to you by FedEx.

Historically, purchasing gold was fraught with danger. To ascertain the fair market worth of the commodity, you had to rely on the dealer and do extensive investigation. Purchasing gold is now simpler than ever. Access to information makes it easy to understand the value of gold and to verify what you’re purchasing.

Vaulted recognizes the importance of your investment. This is why they convert the cash you choose to invest in gold and hold it in the Royal Canadian Mint. All gold held here is protected against loss, theft, and damage.

As an added advantage, the records of your transaction are kept in a different place, making it significantly more impossible for anybody to tamper with them.

Their inventory is always tallied quarterly and is audited annually by the government. This helps investors to relax, knowing that their assets are safe. This service does, however, come with a little price.

On the other hand, if you have a secure location to store the gold, you may have it transported straight to your house. It is entirely your choice, however most users choose to keep their gold at the RCM for ease, full insurance, and the possibility of safety.

There is a cost for physical delivery if you want to have your gold mailed to you. RCM will charge a $50 fee plus a $2 premium each bar sent. FedEx will also establish its own pricing for next-day or second-day shipment. When compared to the RCM’s low storage charge, having gold sent to your home or office may be extremely costly.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy or Sell Gold With Vaulted?

When buying gold from Vaulted, there will be a 1.8 percent transaction fee for each purchase. That implies that a customer purchasing $10,000 in gold will be charged a $180 transaction fee.

There will also be charge of 1.8 percent fee to sell the gold via Vaulted. That implies the price payed is 1.8 percent less than the retail price.

There is also a 0.4 percent maintenance cost (which is charged 0.2 percent twice per year). If the goldis delivered to your house, there must be at least one ounce in addition to $50 for transportation. The actual fee is determined by location, the quantity of bars being sent, and other variables.

What Fees Come Along with Vaulted ?

A 1.8 percent charge on the price of gold seems absurd to thrifty stock investors who are accustomed to paying no trading fees.

However, in the realm of gold, Vaulted’s fees are relatively low. Typically, fees on gold sales run from 5% to 8%, or even more. This places Vaulted commissions at the bottom of the scale.

Should I Buy Gold Through Vaulted?

If you want to purchase a lot of gold, Vaulted is a great place to start. The commissions are cheap, and you may own the gold yourself (which I think is very important).

Vaulted isn’t the place to acquire a few ounces of actual gold (a more usual quantity to possess). To access physical possession of the gold you must reach the one-ounce mark and delivery becomes available to you.

Of course, not everyone feels compelled to include precious metals in their portfolio. Places some of your wealth into the market of precious metals may be good when you diversify and if you don’t like the idea of holding funds in banks, stocks, or riskier assets like crypto. If you fall into that category, Vaulted may be a suitable alternative for you, even with a lower investment.

Vaulted provides a simple and transparent option to purchase and sell gold with extremely cheap fees. That openness is very valuable in an investment system that has previously battled with transparency.

Is Vaulted The Easiest Way To Buy Gold? 

Investors are often looking for ways to simplify their investing approach. You are more inclined to contribute if you can set it and forget it. Furthermore, investors do not want to have to jump through difficult hoops in order to manage their portfolio. Vaulted makes everything as simple as possible.

All you have to do is sign up, connect your bank account, and you’re ready to go with the VaultPlan. Vaulted will handle the rest, from obtaining gold to keeping it at RCM. Of course, you may buy or sell gold at any time throughout the New York Stock Exchange’s trading hours.

Overall, there are several compelling reasons to buy in gold through Vaulted. Investors may be certain that their money is being put to good use by this firm, from their ethically sourced products to their safe storage method.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in gold, now is the moment. Create your Vaulted account now!

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