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Future's Nostalgia | LoFi Beats

Listen to my latest collection of LoFi beats on all streaming platforms.

Media consumption is at an all-time in high with many social media and online platforms offering low vibrational and toxic content. The decision to cherish your mind and keep your spirit at ease is up to you. In my own journey towards a more pleasing and balanced life experience I discovered that positive music helped quite a bit.

Please accept and embrace this small collection of music instrumentals in whatever capacity that works for you. I enjoy lofi music when working on digital projects, studying, or even during meditation. 

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Embrace Meditative Music for Productivity 

Creating different business ventures requires a strong level of mental fortitude. Having tools to help aid in optimizing the functioning of your brain can greatly increase your capabilities and results. Media and environmental factors can influence your mind tremendously, so taking the time to meditate and regulate all media input will help you become much more efficient. Try experimenting with solfeggio frequencies, meditative sounds, and calming vibrations while creating and gauge the differences you notice. Listen to a few solfeggio frequencies below. 

741 hz solfeggio music jamie freya

741 HZ Solfeggio Frequency

Remove toxins and detox with this sound frequency set to release tension and stress. Be more productive and focused.

solfeggio frequencies

Higher Solfeggio Frequencies

Over 60 minutes of solfeggio frequencies to lift consciousness and intensify your spiritual connection.

Learn to Make Money with Asset Creation & Online Monetization 

In recent years, it has become increasingly easier to make a living wage from online monetization methods. I have dedicated an entire YouTube channel to teaching online asset creation and monetization techniques so you can gain the most from your website and online business. 

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Sports media and daily fantasy sports have served as a healthy escape from the monotony of daily life for many of us. With DFS Player Stats, you can take your love of the game to the next level.

Happy childhood memories and some of the most joyous moments in my life have been while enjoying sports with family and friends. I firmly believe that sporting events have the uncanny ability to suspend anxiety, worry, and stress for millions of people throughout the world. When looking to build a brand that could transcend societal barriers, I came up with DFS Player Stats. 

The goal is to center sports fans from all walks of life and more specifically daily fantasy players looking to turn a passion into a profitable income stream. Extensive statistical data, resources, and current news will keep the avid DFS enthusiast ahead of the pack.